Axel Obermeier Life Science Consulting (AOLSC)

is a consulting firm specialized to serve the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and investors active in this arena.
The company was founded in 2007 by Dr. Axel Obermeier, who has more than 20 years of international experience in pharmaceutical R&D, management and the consulting business.

  • Biotech Companies (drug development / pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices)
  • Pharma Companies (big pharma)
  • Investors in the Life Science Industry
  • Research Organizations and Governmental Institutions
  • Applied Research Spin-off Centers, Umbrella Organizations (biotech clusters), Technology Transfer Offices
  • Other Consultancies (collaborations, subcontracting)
You Can Benefit from Our Services, When Your Company / Organization Is ...

  • Preparing for / Evaluating / Negotiating a Deal: R&D Collaboration, Licensing, M&A, Trade Sale  (Biotech / Pharma)
  • Preparing for / in the Process of a Fund Raising Campaign: Start-up/Seed Financing, new Financing Round, IPO  (Biotech / Pharma)
  • in Need to Evaluate R&D Projects and to Prioritize and Improve the R&D Portfolio to Become More Successful, Cost-Effective and Competitive  (Biotech / Pharma / Research Organizations, Governmental Organizations)
  • Considering to Place an Investment in a Biotech Company (Seed / Follow-up) or R&D Projects  (Investors, Research Organization, Governmental Institutions)